Stop Answering your EX’s TEXT!

Have you ever sat there and waited for the person you are interested in to text you back? Have you went back in forth in your mind and wondered if you should reach out and text them instead? My answer is simple, DON’T!!! What I came to realize is that when someone is interested in you, they will not only text you but call you. When that person reach out to you after leaving you out in the cold, it’s more likely because they have ran out of options and looking for you to keep them company before they find their next conquest. Why should we keep you company when your intentions for us is not real?!

I had a friend that just went through this recently. She was head over heels in love with this guy. He was the first person she dated after her divorce. She was divorced for years before she decided to date again. This guy seemed to like her but after awhile I guess the thrill was gone and he was not as interested. His calls suddenly became less frequent. He only called her and wanted to spend time with her late at night. His texts went from daily to sporadic. So after getting the run around and empty promises of him telling her he would  call more, she decided to call it off. She had a hard time letting go cause he would now send sweet texts saying how he missed her and wanted to spend time with her. She finally gave in to one of his texts asking her to go to dinner and a movie,but like clock work he suddenly became busy and wanted to try again for a different day. After falling for that same ole game time and time again, I told her that she need to delete his number out of her phone and erase all the old messages! SHE FINALLY LISTENED TO ME AND ERASED EVERYTHING!! It was very rough for her but slowly she was getting over him and getting stronger.

Things was better with her. She took a break from dating as I was doing the same thing. We would encourage each other and remained hopeful that God will match us with the right man. One day out the blue this ex reached out t0 her after months of not speaking. His first text was “Hey” with a smiley face. She told me that she did text back and asked what did he want. Well he went on saying he missed her and wanted her back. She told him that she is not the same woman she was months ago. She will not rekindle anything but she was open to a friendship. He saw that she would not rekindle their old flame and he said he respected her and was glad that she was changed as he was changed. Well guess who stopped texting after he heard the word FRIEND? Yup you guessed right! He saw that there was no longer an opening for him to sell her with his lies and empty promises and decided not to pursue her. It showed his true intentions and he never intended to pursue her in a romantic way but needed a warm body to lay with at night. So I told her I was happy she stood her ground and did not fall for the empty promises and the sweet words that had no real meaning behind them.

Guess who contacted my friend after two weeks of not texting after he said he was ok being her friend?! YES IT’S HIM AGAIN!!! He apologized for not contacting her after his last text because he was busy. He then went on to ask her to hang out together as friends. My friend told me that he then sent her a picture of himself after he asked to hang out!!!! She told me that he was looking really good and she was almost tempted to text him back but after we talked about men and with me telling her the signs of when a man is truly interested, she decided to erase his pictures and never texted him back. She said he is clearly not the one and his actions proved it time and time again. I have to say I am very proud!!

I will close this message by letting you all know that when someone in your past want a second chance, there is nothing wrong with that at all. But when someone is serious about you, they will not only text you but call you and show you that they are serious about you! They will not mind taking things slow to regain trust and to rebuild a friendship that you both once had. When a woman or even fellas hear a ex try to reappear in their lives again, if you only get pictures, text messages and empty promises, then it is time to stop reaching out or time to stop answering their text messages. There is someone special out there for us, but we have to be willing to let go of the past and remain hopeful for a better future with the right person!

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