BUILT TO LAST: Christian Novel Coming soon!

Ladies and Gentleman, I am going to write my First Fiction Christian Book!!! Yes I am super excited to go down this path! I have always wanted to be an Author and I decided to finally get out of my comfort zone and start now!! I have started writing a couple of years ago but became scared to go forth with my dreams! But now I know that fear can drive success if we step out on faith and actually pursue it! Tired of letting fear drive me away from my dreams! I have stepped up and decided to finally share with you guys my dreams of being an Author!!

I want to introduce you to my first book BUILT TO LAST!!! Here is the introduction to my characters:

Chrissette Moore is newly engaged to the handsome Shelby Micheals. Shelby just graduated from Cal State and now using his Business Management Degree to become Junior Vice President of the family construction company BUILT TO LAST. Chrisette Moore is a successful business owner of her Interior Design business INTERIOR BY CHRIS. With both being successful and in love, their life could not get any better right? Chrissette is rocked to the core when she find out her fiance has done the unthinkable! Now she has to decide if she she should call off her engagement or go forth with it.

Zachary Strong is the young Pastor of the ONE TRUE GOD TABERNACLE CHURCH. Pastor Strong life was perfect. He was married to his college sweetheart and they were expecting their first children together! Yes they were having TWINS! Life could not get any better until his wife suddenly lost her life during complications of delivering their twins early. Now Pastor Zachary is a young single father and a Pastor of his own church. This is not what he envisioned for his life, but he must hold on to his faith in God and move forward as Pastor and raise his twins alone. Five years after the lost of his wife, he is feeling the pressure to finally start dating and look for a suitable wife to complete his family. Pastor Strong is not sure if he is ready to move on with his life until he meets Chrissette Moore.

Pastor Zachary Hired Chrissette Moore and her Fiance Shelby Micheals to help give his church building a much needed makeover.But what Pastor Zachary and Chrissette did not anticipate was their instant chemistry! With their connection growing, what will Pastor Zachary and Chrissette do with their feelings? Chrissette’s engagement is on the rocks, so will she finally leave her fiance to pursue a relationship with Pastor Zachary? Pastor Zachary is torn between grieving his wife and wanting to pursue a relationship with Chrissette Moore. What make matters more complicated, Chrissette is engaged! Morally, is it right for Pastor to pursue an engaged woman? Will he pursue Chrissette or leave her alone and let her work out her issues with her fiance? Both have some big bridges to cross but both want a relationship that is BUILT TO LAST.

I hope you all enjoy my book once it officially come out!  I will have it done next year for you all to enjoy! I will keep you up-to-date with my progress and will give you a sneak peak of my first three chapters! God bless and pray for me as I embark on this journey as an Author!



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