Companionship VS. Relationship. What do you Really Want?

Have you ever yearned for a relationship so bad that you often mistake it for a companionship? I think at times I thought I wanted a relationship but what I really wanted was someone to keep me company. There is a difference between relationship and companionship and most are not aware of the difference. I looked up and compared two definitions.

Companionshipa feeling of fellowship or friendship. Closeness, togetherness, intimacy, brotherhood and sisterhood.

Relationship- the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people who are connected or the state of being connected.

Already you can clearly see what the difference is. From looking at the definition where do you think you fall into? Do you want a relationship or companionship. I know for myself I thought I wanted a relationship but in reality I was just craving a companionship. I wanted someone there to stop reminding my of how lonely and single I was. A companion can keep you company and be there when you need someone to talk to or just be there for you for a couple of hours, but a relationship is a bit deeper.

A relationship is more of a soul connection. You have to take the time to invest in a relationship. You have to be more invested in this person. They are there not just for a good time or not to only keep you company. This person is a potential partner and you want to establish more than just a brotherhood or sisterhood.

For those who want a relationship, make sure you connect with someone who want a relationship and not a companionship. We can think this person want a relationship but in reality they are not looking for anything deeper and more meaningful. There are people out there who just want someone around for the moment and to keep their mind off their issues and to make them feel good. But while they are getting their emotions stroked for a moment, what about your emotions? Are you putting up with this person need for a companionship because you think you can change their mind and convince them what they really need from you is a real relationship? I have learned that you cannot make someone change their statues from companionship to relationship unless they themselves are ready for that.

It is important to know where you stand with someone you are dating. I think it is good to ask if they are seeking a companionship or a relationship. That will save you the heartache and headache of not knowing where you stand or what someone is really looking for.

Most importantly, know what it is that you want when you are talking to someone. Make sure you know what the difference between companionship and a relationship is for you. Are you ready to be with someone for the long run? Are you ready to be with someone just to have a good time with? Ask yourself what you want before you began dating. Don’t want to lead anyone on or force yourself to be committed when you are not ready and not forced to be in something causal because you think you can convince this person they should want more. Do some soul searching and identify what you want and move forward.

I hope this post gave you some insight about what you want when you are dating. Be sure to soul search and do whatever make you happy but not at the cost of hurting anyone.

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