Today is a start of a new week! Do you wake up with a positive attitude? Are you ready to start your day? Well I want my Future Wives and Husbands to wake up with the mindset that GOOD THINGS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN TO YOU THIS WEEK!

We tend to wake up with the mindset that is week is going to be a terrible week! We wake up feeling negative and not ready to face the day. I used to be the type that could not find anything positive about the day. I would focus on WHAT I DON’T HAVE AND HOW I AM STRUGGLING TO MAKE ENDS MEET! I became worn out waking up worrying about how I will survive for the day let alone the week! I decided to STOP WORRYING AND START BELIEVING THAT GOD WILL SEE ME THROUGH!

I know you are wondering how can you wake up knowing if your bills will be paid or if you have enough food to feed your family? WELL I HAVE BEEN THERE AT EVERY COST AND GOD HAS SEEN ME THROGUH! I went weeks not having enough food to last the week and not enough diapers for my baby girl, but through those trying days GOD HAS MADE A WAY OUT OF NO WAY! God made ways to make the food last and got me that extra money to get my baby some more diapers! When I decided to LET GO AND LET GOD is when I saw my results! God do not come when we need Him but he ALWAYS COME ON TIME!

I have learned daily to pray when I find myself worrying about a problem. I decided to give it to GOD and go about my DAY! I no longer take out my worry or stress out on anyone like I used to. We have to learn to rest and truly trust GOD and he will make sure we have what we need! Its not about When He will do it But just BELIEVE HE WILL DO IT and not be consumed with TIME OR HOW!

Choose today to WAKE UP WITH A POSITIVE ATTITUDE! Your mindset should simply say THANK YOU GOD FOR SEEING ME THROUGH THIS WONDERFUL WEEK! Make sure to read MATTHWES 6:25-34. This Bible verse is very encouraging and let us know that GOD WILL PROVIDE! Have a BLESSED WEEK!


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