Facing Heart break Before the Holidays

We all have had our deal of heart breaks. This person broke your heart and you feel like it is the END OF THE WORLD! I am here to tell you that sometimes that heartbreak is truly a BLESSING IN DISGUISE!!! You may wonder how a heartbreak may be the BIGGEST BLESSING OF YOUR LIFE? There are many ways and I will give you a few.

1) THE RESPECT LEVEL IS NOT THERE!– Have you ever been with someone who was with you but have NO RESPECT FOR YOU? This person can be the type to cheat constantly or just belittle you. Why would you want to be with someone who plain just DISRESPECT YOU AT ALL COST! Why endure another holiday season hearing rumor or finding evidence that this person you love so much has cheated on you once again! Why are you explaining once again why this person is back in your life? Why not just take that heartbreak and FOCUS ON HEALING AND MOVING ON FOR THE NEW YEAR!

Why bring someone with you to 2016 and this person belittle you all the time? Why bring that negative energy with you to your family and friends holiday party? This person tell others you are lazy and not as ambitious as they are. They will tell others that you are not as great as the last person they were with. This person think they are joking around and think they are funny but stop being THE PUNCH LINE TO THEIR EVERY JOKE! There are times you are playing around but at the core do this person really believe what they tell others? Even as a joke, is it truly a joke or is there some truth to it? If the belittling is constant, talk to that person and if there is no respect afterwards, GET YOUR HEART BROKEN AND MOVE ON. It will be hard but it will be WORTH IT!!!

2) THEY LUST YOU ONLY– Are you able to be with your partner only after hours? Do this person only contact you when they want to Netflix and Chill? This is the perfect time to finally be introduced to your partner family and friends this holiday season. Have you been invited over to meet the family? Do you know if they plan to come and meet your family or friends? Did they tell you why they did not invite you over this year? Did they tell you that they will come see you the next day? Some can be very upfront and you already know where you stand with this person. So why would you be willing to be second or third best when you can be NUMBER 1!!! If this relationship is serving you no PURPOSE, THEN IT’S TIME TO BE HEARTBROKEN THIS HOLIDAY SEASON! Don’t bring that type of relationship with you this NEW YEAR! It’s going be hard not to at least be second, but if you put YOURSELF FIRST THAN SOMEONE THIS NEW YEAR WILL!

3) HOLDING ON TO A DEAD RELATIONSHIP- Are you still holding on to that relationship that is not progressing? Are you with this person just for the sake of saying you are not single? We tend to hold on to someone who we really have nothing in common with. You two have different goals and dreams in life, but what keep you with this person is FEAR OF BEING ALONE! You don’t want to attend that holiday party alone. You don’t want to explain to others why you  are NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP! Do you want to spend another holiday season unhappy? Are you struggling to keep something going that SIMPLY NOT THERE? BREAK THAT SHACKLES OFF AND BE OK SINGLE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON! It will be hard but think of the extra WEIGHT YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO HOLD!

There are countless reasons why we are experiencing heart break right now. You think WHY NOW! ITS THE CHRISTMAS SEASON!! Well imagine the relief your heart will feel when you can take the time to REMOVE BURDENS AND SET YOURSELF FREE! The heart break is only Temporary but think of the PEACE you will feel going into the NEW YEAR! Be grateful for the past but GET READY FOR A BETTER FUTURE! 


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