Respect ME in your ABSENCE

What we want from our significant other is respect! Not only when we are around each other but when we are absent from each other. When we are away whether it is hanging with friends or away on business, we want to know that our partner know what they have at home and would not risk it for a few seconds of pleasure. That goes for flirting and not just the sexual aspect. In my opinion, you should not make another person feel like they can have a CHANCE WITH YOU!

This reminded me of the situation with Cynthia Bailey and her husband Peter Thomas. Cynthia and Peter are from The HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA (for those who don’t know who they are). Peter was caught on video flirting with some lady and putting his hands where it has no business being. That goes to show you that there are  some men that will show out when they are absent from the presence of their woman. He was disrespectful and out of line. He don’t respect Cynthia and his actions proved it.

I don’t want it to appear that women are not in fault with this. There are some that have disrespected their relationship when their mate were not around. I seen this video of a husband who was fed up because his wife was out there having her second affair! He forgave her the first time but he could not believe that she would CHEAT ON HIM AGAIN! She was messaging some guy who lived in a different town!  She was emotionally cheating and that is at times worst then physical cheating. I say this because when you are emotionally cheating, its deeper than that physical connection. Emotional connection runs deeper in my opinion. But this goes to show that we ladies have to do better and its not always the man at fault.

We all want is love and respect. We all want to know that when we are not with our significant other, they are being respectful and faithful. No one should have to hear that their man or woman have been flirting or sleeping around. Don’t be faithful when you are around your partner but choose to cheat when you are no longer in their presence!

Be consistent In every aspect of your life. Never do to someone behind their back what you would not do in their face. Let love be your guide. Remind yourself why you decided to be with this person. Will it be worth it to risk it all just for a few minutes or hours? Will it be worth losing your partner and their respect for you? Be faithful and RESIST TEMPTATION AT CALL COST!!! You have EVERYTHING TO LOSE!!



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