Single but Thanful this Holiday

It’s thanksgiving of course! It’s a time for family and friends getting together and giving thanks for what they have. It is also a lonely time if you are single, widow/widower, separated and getting a divorce. This can be a rough time for you because this maybe the first Thanksgiving spending it without your life partner. It may be just you and the kids and the family. We have our health to be grateful for and having family and good friends around. But that don’t erase that time of feeling rejected from someone you love and thought you would be forever with. I am here to say We can be single but Thankful!

This is my eighth year being single. My husband passed away eight years ago and too this day it is not easy. Since he passed I have been involved with other guys but I have not ever made it where I got to spend the holidays with someone special. I think I never got to that point because I was desperate for a relationship that I either self sabotage it or that person did not see a future with me. I used to get depressed each holiday because I had my family and kids, but no one special in my life! I felt lonely and unloved. I did not see that I was alive and healthy, just saw myself lonely.

Recently I had the epiphany that I am ok in this SINGLE SEASON!! I  think it is hard to accept that this is not the season to be with someone special right yet. I don’t want to continue that path of self pity and despair. Being single is NOT THE WORST THING IN LIFE!!! I had to see that most don’t have a family and I do. Most don’t have children but I do. Some don’t have good health but I do! So what I am doing complaining about being SINGLE ANOTHER YEAR!! I  started to be thankful for my family, my children and my health! So I am done crying about not having my future husband here with me. I know it will happen in the right time and in the right season in my life.

So take the time TO BE THANKFUL for what you have. It is tough and it is going to  take time to get over but YOU WILL BE FINE! God GOT YOU!! Trust in this season and trust what God will do for YOUR LIFE! Don’t become desperate for a relationship where you are inviting the wrong person to meet your family!!!! It’s ok to show up SINGLE AND WITH A PLATE! You are not obligated to tell everyone that you are lonely and they don’t need to know why you are single still and why that relationship did not work! Share if you are ready but Just enjoy yourself and do not be envious of those who have someone special in their lives. Your turn will come soon enough. Just take your time and enjoy the food and good company. STAY STRONG AND STAY ENCOURAGED! God bless and Happy Thanksgiving!

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