Recognize Your Worth before He DO!

I want us ladies to know our WORTH! Believe you are worthy of LOVE  and RESPECT  before your future husband does. He may see potential in us that we don’t recognize but if we don’t know that we are worthy of LOVE then he won’t give us the love we deserve. When you don’t know your worth and don’t feel like you are WORTHY of it, then those who are close to you will treat you the way you think you deserve.

When you don’t love yourself completely, you give off that energy. When you are dating, guys will prey off your weakness. My twin sister and I were watching this TV show on TVONE called FOR MY MAN. This show is about what women will do for the love of their man. These ladies will commit murder for their man! Risk their freedom because they think they found love ! It was very sad to watch. It made me feel sorry for these ladies. Never risk your HEART AND SOUL for a man! It was even sadder because these ladies realized after they committed the crime that it was not worth it to prove they loved him by committing these crimes. The man end up never speaking to them again and they in  return are torn away from family and children because of “love.”

I don’t want to give off energy that I am a man hater lol. There are plenty of men out there who want to love and have no problem showing it and giving love. But there are men out there who don’t want anything but a good time! Those type of man can’t touch a woman who KNOW WHO SHE IS! A lady who know her worth will not give in to temptations and she will not lower her standards in order to keep a man happy. She won’t have to yell or throw a tantrum to prove that she is worthy of love. A lady who know what she want will tell you right away and make sure he know what is APPROPIATE and what is NOT!

She is not impressed with MATERIAL WEALTH and not blinded by your CHARM. We take the time to ask you important questions. We know who we are so we won’t fall for the typical lines. We are in a good place in our lives mentally and physically and emotionally. We can take care of ourselves and we Want YOU and not NEED YOU!!! It’s important to have self love but not to the point where we emasculate the man. We don’t have to tear him down in order to prove that we love ourselves. It’s important to love yourself and show love to him as well. Let there be a healthy balance.

At the end of the day, we all want love. Nothing wrong with wanting it and even craving it. But never put yourself on the line that is unhealthy and not safe . Love yourself first before you decide to love someone else.



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