It’s ok to leave the Butterfly feelings alone

I have been through more downs than up when it comes to dating. Dating is really hard work! Especially when you are online dating. You put on your page what you like and what you wish to have in a significant other. But with many failed dates I realize that I need to focus on what’s most important, ME!

We all want love and want someone who can make us feel like we can do anything. We want the butterflies when we meet someone special. But after awhile I realized that I got burned out trying to chase the butterfly feelings. I needed to start chasing my own happiness. When you are not complete and happy with yourself and your life, we start to seek someone to distract us from what we lack; Self Love.

For once in my life I am content not dating. I do not miss getting mad when someone don’t text or call me back. I don’t miss the awful first date disasters! I also don’t miss guys offering a night of Netflix and Chill. Don’t miss guys not being a gentleman and only want one thing at the end of the night. I would end each date feeling down and out! When will someone special love me? When will I find happiness? That’s when it hit me, Love Myself! Be happy in my own skin! Be ok single.

There is life to live, goals to accomplish and self to love. I am finally content just focusing on my kids. I am content working on my goals and dreams. I am content with the thought that love will come when it is meant to come. I don’t have to chase love, I don’t have to chase the butterfly feelings. I can chase Myself and my Goals.

So ladies and gentleman, it’s ok to leave the butterfly feelings alone so that you can chase peace with yourself and to love yourself. Everything will come in its due time. So though I still want love and romance, I can honestly say I am content with Loving myself.

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