The Good in Goodbye

The hardest part of a broken relationship is letting go and saying goodbye. We sometimes fall in love with someone potential that we don’t realize that this person is not the one. I think the best time to figure that out is before you get married, even before you accept that engagement ring! I have been there where you want to believe that this person is the one but in reality they are not.

When we come to the realization that this person is not meant to be, the hard part is telling our heart what our head already know. That is why it is important to take things slow. We can get so caught up in the beginning of a new relationship that we miss all the warning signs. That is why I don’t believe in a quick engagement. Some are so quick to go from dating straight into engagement, that you miss those warning signs that happen once the honeymoon phase die down. Allow yourself to be happy and have that honeymoon phase but always remember that the true test of a relationship occur when trials and tribulation come in.

I also think that we sometimes can be so busy defending the relationship that we fail to see that maybe this is not going to work. There is something exciting about defending your relationship. I think its the thrill of proving everyone wrong that can keep two people together who may very well be better off apart. Whether or not you fight to prove someone wrong or just simply overlooking strong warning signs, when you know in your heart that the relationship need to end, it is wise to let go.

When you hold on, you are actually keeping yourself from true happiness. I am not only talking about a better relationship with someone else, but true happiness that come from within. I have learned In time that a relationship will not make you happy. How can we depend on someone to bring us joy when we can’t believe that we can have joy single? Many assume including me that if you are in a relationship, you are complete and that is the only way to be happy. But with failed encounters after failed encounters I realized that I depended my existence on someone loving me. I felt complete when I was with someone. But in lacking happiness from within, I have found that no one really made me completely happy except myself and Christ. I found myself depressed trying to keep a relationship together when I knew deep down this person is not right. Once I realized that I have to be happy for me and not to show anyone that I am happy in a relationship is when I started to grow!

Sometimes a goodbye can be painful,but there are times that there is an actual  good in goodbye. You are saying goodbye to dishonesty, goodbye to infidelity, goodbye to abuse, goodbye to pain and hurt. Once you understand the power in goodbye is when you can pray for a better life! A better life just simply loving who you are and spending time with God. To understand how to grow in your single season and how you can be blessed in a relationship ordained by God. So embrace the goodbye and see how your life can be enriched!

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