Bring back that Old School Love

I wish the Netflix and Chill era would close to a end! I miss the days when dating meant taking a lady out on a date and there was no pressure to give in to sexual temptation. These days you can never be clear what an actual date is or what is the real meaning behind a hook up? Back in the day, hooking up meant kissing but now the lines are blurred and it can mean anything. It make me think about when I first met my husband.

We met on his daughter birthday at the mall. He took his daughter to the mall for ice cream and bought her a toy. He saw me but he did not say anything to me at first. But we kept seeing each other throughout the mall. When I left, he followed me out the door and asked me if he knew me from somewhere lol. I told him that of course he did not know me. We made small talk and he finally asked me out. It was cute and I was excited to go on my first date! He was living in San Diego and I was living in Murrieta CA. He would drive up to Murrieta to see his daughter. So our first date, he drove all the way to Murrieta and visited me at my job. He came in with roses and my dad actually came and met him and had a talk with him. I appreciated him for being patient with me and my family.

Our first date was actually at his mom house. He stayed with his mom when he was in town. We had dinner and then watched a movie. Yes we never had sex and we really did watch a movie! We talked and kissed but nothing more. My husband at the time was sweet and he was the last guy I knew who did not pressure me into sex and treated me like a lady and not some random lady he was trying to hook up. At the end he drove me home and I invited him to church the next day. I was not sure if he would really come to church because he did not grow up going to church. To my surprise, he showed up and stayed the whole service. Ever since that day, we just clicked. We were inseparable. He came to see me every weekend and we wrote letters to each other and when we met up, would exchange letters and we would tell each other not to read it until we got home. He took me out to dinner and always gave me flowers. Even when we got married, he still left roses every other week.Till this day, he remain the sweetest  guy I ever met. Through our ups and down, we remained together and I am thankful for him and he showed me what Love really is and he was the last of the gentleman in my eyes. I still miss him and wished he was still alive with me, but I know he is better off in Heaven.

Since then, guys encourage a hook up and now everyone want to go with the flow and be free to do whatever with whoever. Candlelight dinner is replaced with a night on the couch where we can watch or not watch a “movie.” We no longer get flowers or candy. Now we get accused of using men for a good meal! Dating is so endangered that if you ask someone when the last time they have been on a date, they will ask define what a date mean to you!! So I am not liking the direction dating has turned into. So I am taking a break to focus on my career, children and myself.

I know God has someone vey special out there for me. I want nothing more than to meet a nice guy who Love God, children and know what a real date mean! I just cannot get with the Netflix and chill movement.I get called boring and not adventurous enough! I am uptight and too concerned with my future! Well I don’t want my first date to be sitting on someone couch trying figure out if I should have shaved my legs. I want that old school romance filled with flowers,dinner and great conversation! So until that day come, I will be patient and wait for the man God has for me!!

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