Let’s Stay Together

As we all know, its not always easy finding someone who is truly your best friend and your husband or wife. But what is really inspiring to me is when I see married couples who have been married for years and managed to stay together and stay in love. When I see couples together, I always wonder what’s behind their story? How do they manage to stay together when this world thrive on quickie engagements and even quicker divorce?

I know I can take a look at my parents and their relationship. They have been together over 40 years. But us kids have seen so many fights and talks of divorce. The fighting was so bad that we wished they would just get a divorce!!! We thought it would be better for all of us if they moved on. But through the years they have managed to stay together. I used to tell my mom that I did not admire their relationship because we seen so many fights. But my parents turned everything around. My parents have date night every Saturday and my dad have a room that he reserved as his prayer room, where if he feel like him and my mom will get into it, he just goes to his room and have a quiet time. So the secret to their relationship is spending more time together and make sure you reserve time for yourself as well lol. What I learned from my parents is that sometimes you have to see the fights because then you can see how you work through a fight and make time for each other. They also learned when to fight and when you walk away. Its ok to remove yourself from a fight and at the end of the night come back together. So at the end of the day, though I hated the fighting, I have to respect them for not giving up on each other!! Thanks for that lesson mom and dad.

I think the point is marriage is work. We can’t leave when the time is rough. There will be times where you may fight and disagree. Sometimes you may fall out of love and feel like because you don’t feel like you are in love, means that the relationship is over. What I learned is love is not a fairytale. Love is not all roses and have thorns in it. But when you feel like your marriage is beyond repair, to get on your knees and pray! Don’t be so quick to give up on love! Why take those wedding vows if you are not going to take them serious. I am not talking about those who violate their vows with abuse and infidelity. I am talking about those who can’t get passed an disagreement and take that as a sign that they are not meant to be together. When you were dating, every fight was forgiven and you always managed to make it work. But with marriage, it seem like your fights cannot be resolved and one of you cannot bring yourself to try a bit harder to make it last. I fee like if we treat our relationships like friendship, then you can stand the test of time. With your best friend, you fight and make up and do this over and over. I want to have my best friend and husband.

I hope more and more couples stay together. The best thing you can do is actually love through thick and thin. When you feel like you are no longer in love, fight to remember why you fell in love in the first place. Pray daily and pray for each other and with each other. There is nothing more beautiful then seeing someone you love pray for you! Don’t give up on love! God showed his unconditional love when He died for our sins. God want us to lead by example and to love each other when you are not very lovable! Let love have its perfect work in your relationship! I pray this help you as it is helping me prepare for my future husband.

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