The Power in Our Bodies

I wanted to talk to my future wives about the power of our bodies and how it is important to treat it with love and respect. I feel like in the past I did not understand that my body is for one person to love and become intimate with. We as ladies have the power to either give it up or keep it sacred

I know in these days and age, sex sells. When I would take pics for my online dating profile, I used to make sure my booty popped out and that my clothes was sexy but not overexposed. I put these cute pictures on my online profile. Well instead of looking at my smile or nice pose, most of the men seemed to gravitate to my booty pic. Mind you, I am fully clothed, but my booty was poking out and I guess it looked sensual. So my inbox is full of comments about my booty and if it was real! I guess I should have known that this would happen. I just for once wanted to look sexy but classy.

I will never forget this one guy comment that made me just take down my booty pic all together. This guy asked if my booty is real. When I said YES! and that I was getting annoyed with guys only focusing on that one pic, he simply said take it down. I then became offended again because I did not want anyone to tell me what to do!! It’s my body and if I wanted to have the picture up for others to see, then I have that right. So I expressed this to him and he replied that as a man, they will look at the first thing that catch their eyes. He said if I don’t like that attention, then I should take it down and that way I can feel better about the situation and the guys will have no choice but to focus on my other attributes and those who like what I have to offer in pictures and my profile will contact me.

I was thankful for his feedback. Though we talked and realized that we had nothing in common, I left that conversation realizing that we as women have the power in showing what we want others to see. This goes with everything. Amber Rose had her Slut Walk. I understand why she did it and how we as women have been shamed for being too sexy and loving sex just like the next man. We as women get judged for having multiple sex partners and having more than one baby daddy! I am in that club! I love my kids but none have the same father. I get judged and most assume I love sex and will give it up on the first date. It’s not true but because of my past, some cannot see that I am changed and ready for something meaningful as in the past I was not.

But my point is we hold the power in our bodies. God want us to cherish and take care of our bodies. We should not feel pressure to give in to anyone and we don’t have to compete with a guy just to make a point. With everything that you do or show, make sure its with love and respect. Do not do anything that you feel uncomfortable with. God want us to save ourselves for that one person that will truly love who we are. Never compromise our bodies for a bag or money. It is not worth it if you cannot look at yourself in the mirror. With the power we have, do some good and be an positive examples for others. Educate each other about keeping our bodies healthy and show that we love who we are, so we use our power to inspire others in a positive way. When you love God and yourself, you have nothing to prove to anyone. We also don’t put other women down for being overly sexy and show too much. It’s time to pray more for each other. One day they will see that its more powerful to be sexy but with class!

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