My Love/ Hate Relationship with Online Dating

Have any of you future wives or husbands tried online dating? How was your experience with it? Did any of you find love? Did you even meet the person you saw on their profile pic? Online dating has been very interesting for me. My experience has not always been positive. My thoughts with online dating was “I am gonna meet a crazy guy!” So for a while I did not give online dating a try. One day I talked to my friend. We were talking about dating and she told me that she found her love online and they were happily engaged. I have not talked to her in a long time. So to connect and find out she is happy and in love made me consider trying online dating.The trick with online dating is that you never know who you are going to meet.

When you first log on to the dating site of your choice, it can be exciting and you become very optimistic and hopeful that you will meet the man or woman of your dreams!! For me, being a full time mom and a self proclaimed homebody, I thought this would be perfect for me. But as time went on, I realized that my experience is not as exciting as I thought it would be. It has nothing to do with meeting guys and having fun, it’s more about when you are done with having a good time and you view dating different is when I realized that this is no longer fun smh.

I went from describing myself on my profile as a single woman who was looking for a good time to changing it to single woman who though want to start things as casual, I am looking for a long term relationship. Some tried to tell me that if I start saying what I really desired from the relationship on my profile, it will turn guys off. I grew tired of suppressing my desire for a serious relationships just to catch a guy. When you are not upfront, then the guy or even woman will say “that’s not what you said on your profile?The hook ups and the dinner dates was not enough. I began to grow tired of casual dating and wanted something more meaningful and serious. You began to feel empty because when things are casual, you go with the flow and do not talk about the future, just enjoying the moment. That is great and all, but after a while you began to wonder what the future can hold. Can this person be the one for me? I just grew tired of only being the good time girl.

Then when you finally meet someone that you think you will have a future with, you began to stalk their page. You see your potential mate still logged on the site. So it make you wonder if you are enough. He or she will tell you that they may be talking to others, but you are the only one they are really interested in. So you get confused because you don’t want to rush a potential good thing, but it sucks to see them online. Then you wonder if you should talk to other guys until this person is ready for a commitment?

I sometimes wonder if I am cut out for this whole dating thing? I get tired of meeting people online, but yet I have not really met anyone offline either. I have not really been online to talk to anyone. I see messages but I just delete them and go about my day. Can God bless me with someone who is not always logged on to the dating site? Will I meet someone who do not do online dating? I am not sure what the future will hold, but I have to practice patience and let God be my match maker.

2 Replies to “My Love/ Hate Relationship with Online Dating”

  1. I did both online and offline in my single days and I have to say dating these days can be hard. Have you read the vanity fair article this month about online dating?
    Anyways, check out our dating blogs. I swear positivity and eye contact help! Would love to know your thoughts and hope you find your awesome match soon xx~LL


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