Stop chasing Perfection

Have you ever met someone and you are on cloud nine!!! Everything seem to be going great. But suddenly things are not as great as it once was. You realized that the person that you put on a high pedestal is no longer perfect!!! Suddenly the person you bragged about has flaws! What a shocker! I recently went through this. I think the best way to handle someone who is not perfect is to stop chasing for a perfect person!!!

I think it is time we all stop thinking we have met a perfect person. That this person can never do no wrong! Only Jesus is perfect.  Jesus don’t even require us to be perfect but to strive to be like Him.  We all fall short, but as long as we are striving to be better and do better, everything will work out. The issue to me is that once we decide that this person is not perfect, we want to leave and find someone that is perfect. We keep chasing perfection and running from person to person. At the end of the day you never find that perfect person. You are either divorced multiple of times or burned out from chasing for something that you will never find.

Take a good look at yourself. Are you perfect? Do you have it all together? Cause we often times busy looking at someone imperfections that we fail to see that maybe we have some flaws within ourselves. Make sure that your life is in order before you accuse someone of not having it all together. I am not talking about the physical or financial aspect. We can have those things together but need work in the emotional and mental department. At the end of the day, its about how much you genuinely care about this person and what flaws you can live with and without.

Make sure you have a healthy communication relationship with your significant other. You have to be active with sharing issues that you may face. If they are acting in a way that is displeasing then let them know. The line of open and honest communication should always be there. I think the issues occur when two people are not willing to be open and honest with how they feel. Issues pile up and feelings get suppressed. Once you are ready to be honest, its a screaming match and then you no longer want to work things out. You are not ready to put in the work and effort to keep your relationship together. Everyone want to give up and I think that it is sad when divorces are more talked about than the actual marriage.

The moral in this is to appreciate the person that is in your life. Do not expect them to never do anything wrong. Love and embrace them for who they are and not what you expect them to be. Love should be unconditional and you should stick around through the good and bad times.

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