Marry your Best Friend

Have you thought about the kind of person you wanted to marry? We know that we want someone who love God,family and children. But have seriously thought about the kind of person you would want to be with? I think we have to look beyond the lust and the passion you may feel for a person. It’s time to dig deep into the core characteristic of the person you are interested in.

I know for me, I would marry someone is my best friend. The reason I would date my best friend is because that love you have for your spouse in one thing, but that rooted friendship that you have developed will carry you in the long run. I always say that when the honeymoon is over, will this person still be around? Love should last a lifetime but when you marry because of lust, you don’t take that time to see what this person is made of. It’s more than two friends who hang out together all the time, nor is it about similar interest and goals, Its about when the times get rough, who will you turn to?

With your best friend, this person will know what make you happy, sad and mad. Your best friend will know how to have your back, how to pray for you and be a listening ear. We go to God when we need Him, but God also will send people along the way to be help you along the way. With your best friend, you will have someone who will give you the encouragement that you need, that extra push to help you move forward in a positive way. A friend will be there through thick and thin. Friends may disagree with each other,  but they will always come back to each other. That friendships is more precious than anything. I want to marry that kind of person! The friend where you can love, fight, makeup, and be there through it all! That’s the truest test, to go through the odds together and become stronger than ever!

I hope this give you some insight with what kind of person you would want to spend the rest of your life with. Make sure that it is not lust that is driving you towards your future spouse. Let is be their love of God and your genuine love and friendship be the core to your lasting relationship. Make sure you two are in agreement and you can never go wrong!!

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