Patience is a Virtue

Hello my future wives/husbands! I want to talk about the gift of patience! God know we have needs and wants. Whether its financial, spiritual, emotional or a relationship.He know what we want and need. We all want love and companionship. I love being in a relationship. But I have not had a serious relationship since my husband passed away 8 years ago. I have had countless of casual relationships but nothing long term. I became so busy searching for a relationship that I forgot to ask God about who I was talking to.

Through this journey I have learned a lot about patience. I know that over the years I felt like I was in a rush to be married again and have a family. But this need have lead me to nothing but emptiness and loneliness. I also was not open to anyone either. I always straddled the fence of wanting a relationship and then being used to being alone. God want us to be in a healthy, Christ based relationship. But we have to be able to let God be the center.

God want us to learn patience. I have been working with my patience. I am not the most patient person in the world lol. But I am going through this journey which is new to me. I have prayed for this and now God is showing me that now is the time to slow down and get to know someone. Don’t assume and don’t analyze every move or what someone is doing. The most important quality this person has is his love of God.

When you are getting to know someone, we have to make sure that we are paying attention to qualities and pattern of a person. When something good is happening and you know it’s God without a doubt, you cannot rush the process of getting to know someone. We also cannot have these expectations of anyone either. What I mean is we can’t want them to be the person we want them to be. We have to see that person for who they are and decide what is acceptable and what is not. Don’t force anything if it is not there. Look into the heart of the person you are interested in. Does he or she love their family, friendly, attend church every Sunday? Pay close attention.

The good should outweigh the bad. No one is perfect and we cannot expect perfection. Pay attention to someone true intentions in life. What do they want out of life? Are they ready to settle down? Are they ready for a family? Make sure you are asking questions because the honeymoon phase of a relationship won’t last. Afterwards its time to dig deep and truly spend time with someone and make sure you both are on the same page with each other. God will not send anyone your way unless He know that these two people can bring out the best in each other. Where one is weak, you can be that strength. If this person does not want to better him or herself, then you know it is time to step away. Growth is important when you are talking to someone. Make sure you can see yourself wanting to be a better person, that your love of God can strengthen your bond and that you can see a clear future.

I am in something new and will pray more and let God lead. God know what we want and need. Don’t go outside of His divine plan. Also take your time and make sure you are not rushing God’s timing. So make sure you slow down and get to know someone and if there is potential. let God work everything out  for your good! It will be worth it to give it to God.

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