Don’t Doubt God’s Plan

Hello Future Wives!!!! It’s been a while since I last wrote to you! I am now back and ready to connect with you all once again! I wanted to talk to you about your future husband/wife. We all want to know when he or she will come to us. We began to wonder if God is even listening to us! Suddenly we meet someone and we figure this is who God sent for us. But instead of giving God thanks, we wonder if this is really from God or the devil trying to distract us from our real blessings?

I believe that whoever God has for us, there should not be any doubts. I think we pray for what we want whether it’s for a spouse, career, children, ect. Once we get it, we start to doubt the very things we pray for. I know I am guilty of this. I will pray to God for something and don’t doubt Him. But once God give me the very thing I pray for, I suddenly try to find something wrong. God will never give you anything that will make you doubt. But sometimes we can feel like we may not deserve God’s best or we went for so long without something we always wanted, that we don’t know how to accept God’s blessing.

I been praying to God for some things in my life. I feel like some of those things that I have prayed for are coming to past. It’s amazing because God told me to first have faith and believe in Him and His promises. Then God said don’t rush his plans. We have to be steadfast and resist temptation to go outside God’s plan. To learn to trust Him completely and stop looking at what others have. You have to understand that God has a journey for us all and some may receive their blessings before we do. It don’t make us less blessed, but it will show us that when we don’t give up on God’s promises, we will reap the reward.

In due time I will share what blessings God has given me this far, but I want to say that I stuck to my belief and did not fall into the temptation to go ahead of God’s plan like I have in the past. I realized that I got tired of always falling away from the plan to fulfill my needs. But in doing that, my needs never got met. It helped temporarily, but temporary needs only last a moment. What God has for you can last a lifetime if you don’t stray from the plan. This time around I decided to stick with God’s plan and I am happy with what is happening. I want to take my time and let things happen and progress naturally. Rushing anything is not good. But always have discernment. The devil may try to trick you and make you think what you have came from God, but it can very well be a counterfeit! That comes from listening to God and watching out for the warning signs. When something is not right, we tend to ignore the warning signs. Just pay close attention and let God lead and you follow with a willing heart.

Let God lead and don’t doubt anything God is blessing you with. That is how we mess up our blessings. Let everything happen naturally and Let God be in the center. When you don’t have doubts, God can work with you and for you! Don’t doubt His Plans!!!!

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