Living with your Future Husband before you Marry

Hello future wives!! I want to talk about the taboo topic of living together before marriage. I know more and more couple are living together like a married couple. Most say they live with their partner before marriage because of financial reasons. I hear some say that financially it make sense because they are at each others place often and it make sense to combine incomes together. Another reason, is to see how two people can co exist together. Some say they want to know if the other is clean, can cook, deal with their kids on a full time level, and so on. But as a Christian man or woman, should we give in to society and start living together before marriage?

I know it seem very practical to move in with someone for the reason’s I listed above, but I don’t believe its best to live with anyone before marriage. Playing house with someone you are not married to can be a bigger disaster than moving with someone after you marry. I know most will say the best way to get to know someone is by living together. If two people can live together, it will determine if you can marry this person. Truth is, living together before you marry will not make any more difference then moving in afterwards. Yes you can see how someone live, but that is ultimately not the bigger issue. If someone is not clean, you work together as a team. Someone can do the dishes and the other dust or clean the rooms or outside work. I think the real reason couples want to live together is because if someone don’t turn out the way you thought, then you can make your getaway without a piece of paper holding you hostage.

In my opinion is that people give up on each other too quickly. It seem like living together is the safest way to avoid marriage and dealing with tough issues you may face together. Whether you live together or not, their will be trials and tribulation. If you can live together, then what’s next? That’s when guys and some girls will say we already living together, why should I get married? Some will say that marriage will complicate things and that everything is fine the way it is. If that is how you feel, then you are entitled to your opinion.I think we live in a fairytale where we want everything to be perfect and if one issue arise, we want to run! Trust me I have done that plenty of times! But that’s for a different post lol.

I want two people who love each other to wait for marriage. When I was with my husband, I will admit that we did live together before marriage. It did not turn out to be the best idea. It was not just because we could not deal with each other habits, but because it was a moral decision. How can I go to church and then go back home with my man when we are not married under God! So we both made the choice to live separately and when we get married, we can live together guilty free! So that’s what we did.

I can easily see both sides with moving in with someone you love and choosing to wait till marriage. I am glad that I stopped and did what was right. If you love someone, bad habits wont keep you apart. You can work through anything if you put some real effort. Living together will not make you want to marry your boyfriend or girlfriend. Matter of fact it will keep you from marrying right away. Plus I have seen women who only said that they will live with their boyfriend because they feel it’s a step closer to the ring! To me that will make a guy feel like there is no reason to marry if they are already living together and going to bed every night together. If you already living as a married couple, then there is no need for a piece of paper. If you want to be married, don’t live your life with your man as if you are married! Wait for the right time and everything will fall into place.

The point of this is to say that living together before marriage will not solve your problems, issues before you move in together will still be there after you move in. You have to work your issues out while dating. Bad habits have to be worked out, and you have to fight for your relationship. Moving in will not make your relationship better! Be patient and wait till after you are married before you take the big plunge.

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