He is not Your Future Husband

Future wives, have you ever met someone and you felt like he is the one!!! Or have you been in a situation where you met someone and he seem great except for one thing, he is already taken!!!!! Honestly I have been through both situations. It is not an easy situation to be in at all. Both scenario can leave  you asking questions like” why is the only person I connect with seem to be taken!”

Most want a relationship where you feel like this person is your best friend. You see this person daily and feel this unspoken chemistry. You steal glances at church or wherever you are when you see this person. So you start to pray to God and thank God for this man and claim him as your husband! We began to pray and tell God you know this person is sent just for you. Then it comes to find out that this person you have been praying for is already spoken for! How devastating it is to find out that who you been praying for is someone who God has not indeed sent to you. All bad. But it is important to recognize when you are praying for someone who is not meant for you.

I had recently reconnected with a old friend who I knew for a while. I always liked this person and it felt good to connect. Through us talking, we confessed that we both had a crush on each other back in the day but never said anything. The funny part is I moved and he is still in my hometown of San Diego. We would talk day in and day out. We talked about everything from our favorite food to movies and faith.  Everything would have been great if he was not taken!! I battled on this because I felt that on one hand I knew him for a while and we have this awesome connection, but the tricky part is he is taken! Story of my life! Well I wanted to be his friend but did not know how to go about it because of the situation at hand. But I heard God loud and clear tell me that he does not belong to me. I have to respect the relationship and move out the way. I don’t know what the future holds with his girlfriend, but you never want to disrespect the relationship this person has or the other person. So I have to scale back on the long conversations and cut it off at a decent time. I know I would not be happy with my future husband having this emotional connection with someone else. He is a good guy, just not meant to be. You never know what life will take you, if something is meant to be, it will be and you won’t have to mess up a happy relationship to get what you want.

Through this I know what I want out of life. I never want to claim someone who does not belong to me. I want what God has for me. His plan adds no sorrow, and does not cause chaos or drama. It is his divine plan and it will work out how He intend for it to be. We all go through temptations and sometimes find yourself attracted to someone that may not be the one. It’s ok to be honest with yourself because how will you allow yourself to grow and learn unless you face those hard truth and decide to move out the way and let God lead us to the right person at the right time. Move out the way and Let God lead you to the one! It will all be worth it at the end.

4 Replies to “He is not Your Future Husband”

  1. Well said! God introduced me to my wife when I least expected it. I thought I had already met that person, but when that relationship unexpectedly ended on a Tuesday, Wednesday a young lady contacted me. We eventually married.

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