Don’t Compare your Love Story

Have you ever been with your spouse or someone you are dating and see another couple who seem happier than you? Or have you been single and now you see all your single friends finding love? Now you feel left out because you are now the only single friend left. You start to question why you are single. With those who are in a relationship, you start to wonder why you are not as happy as the couple you see daily.

Well as a single woman, I started to question myself. I have seen all my friends who were single just like me finally meet someone special. They would ask if I found love, and I have to always say not yet. But I have come to realize that I have to be patient and be ok with being the only single friend. If you keep looking at others finding love, it will make you want to be with someone. Sometimes women will be with the wrong man so that they won’t be lonely or looked at as the lonely, single friend. There is nothing more worse than to be stuck with someone just for the sake of saying you have a man or for a man to say he found a woman. Because fact is you will be with this person and looking at someone who is genuinely happy and wished that you switched places.  You spend more time arguing to get this person to be just like the couple you see and not the person they really are.

Comparing your love story with someone else is dangerous in a sense. I say that because you are so busy looking at a happy couple, that you fail to realize that they must have went through hell in order to be in a happy place. You don’t know what is the story behind their smile. Or you may not realize that this couple smile is only a front. Behind closed doors, this couple are not happy or in love. They could be fighting to save their relationship. I also see girls who watch romantic comedies and see the man fighting for his woman! We can get caught up in that and want our man to be just like the lead actor and be romantic or more funny or charming. Even the Disney movies have all these love stories and you end up caught up in it as well lol.

What I have come to find is when you are comparing your love story or lack of love with someone who have it or found it, it take away from your growth. The point is to make sure you are right within yourself and focus on you and God. Love will come when it is supposed to. We can not be in a hurry for it. The best love story is when it is unexpected. The frantic search for love can be exhausting and left you empty handed. I used to get envious or sad when I see all my friends find love. Though I do get a bit sad, I think about God and believe that I will have my time and it will be sweet and beautiful. The point is to take the time and work on loving yourself first. Take time to have a relationship with yourself and God. When the time is right, he or she will come to you. Celebrate your family and friends love so that you can be blessed with yours!!!

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