Letter to My Future Wives and Future Husbands

Dear Future Wives and Husbands,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support of my blog. I started this blog to encourage my future wives who are reserved for their future husband to know that it’s ok to desire marriage and a family. I know we are strong independent women, but that does not mean we want to be single forever! I also wanted to encourage you beautiful ladies to take this time to work on yourself and build a relationship with God. Loving yourself will be the greatest gift you can give to your husband! A woman who know who she is, can be satisfied during the single season and who is willing to put away past hurts and pains so that she can be all that she can be for her future husband is truly beautiful.

I also wanted to thank the men who decided to take a look at my blog. As men, you can never get enough insight to what a woman is thinking, I know you are a single man that is reserved for your future wives, You want to make sure you do it right as well. To know that it is ok the have standards as a man. I know you are ready to settle down and have a wife and family as well. While you see your friends and family dating all these women, you are ready to give yourself to one women. I also know that it is tough because you may feel that women these days are superficial and materialistic. I have heard you say that women these days are too independent for you. That is not the case, There is someone special out there who love God the way you do and who desire a family! We are here! Yes we are independent but we are ready for a teammate in our future! God will lead you to her soon! Continue to let God do a work in you and heal your heart of past hurt and pain! Everything will work out the way God intended it to be.

It took me a long time for me to be in a place where I am satisfied being alone. I refuse to compromise who I am and my beliefs for the sake of having someone in my life. I thought being single meant I was not good enough for a man and that I based my self esteem on who dated me. God left me in a single season where I was not getting asked out. He told me that I should not base my self esteem in man but by His love for me and all His children. God told me to work on me and my relationship with Him. God wanted me to share what he has shared with me to the world. To tell single women and men that we are not define by our relationship statues but by God! I finally understood what God said and I am grateful that my fellow future wives and future husbands who understood my message, Your following my blog and taking time to read my articles every week did not go unnoticed!

So I want to end this by saying that we are on this journey together! We will have all that we asked or think according to the word of God! God bless and lets continue to uplift each other and thank God in advanced for our husband and wife! Go after your dreams and everything will fall into place!

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