Is Social Media Controlling your Relationship?

I want to talk about social media and how it seem to have power in your relationships. The question is would you date anyone who has a social media account? It seem like its a blessing and a curse to have a Facebook, Twitter, instagram and all these other apps. On one hand, social media is perfect for promoting business and communicating with family and friends who may live in a different city or state. But the downfall is when couples post too much on their page. Some I feel overshare every aspect of their relationship. I have seen couples post pics of themselves waking up together, eating breakfast, eating lunch, eating dinner and going to bed!!! lol like come on! We get it ! I think it’s cute when couples post pics of each other whether it’s them going on an outing or showing off their beautiful children. But I also believe it’s best not to show everything you do together. The downside of not showing pictures all the time is people began to wonder if you guys broke up. If you slow down taking pics, then people start to speculate and assume that this couple may not be together. It’s sad when we base anyone relationship statues off pictures and tweets.

I have also seen couples post every argument on their page and tweet out every fight . They break up and then make up, break up again and makeup again all up on their timeline! Then they have the nerve to get mad when others who watch the fight go down on their timeline make comments on their relationship statues!! The best way people won’t comment is if you keep your disagreements private. But the flip side is when some say that they don’t want to post only the good times because it’s not realistic. I get what they mean on that aspect. Do we really believe that this couple never have a fight and are always loving towards each other?

The other issue I see is when couples fight because they seen pictures of their man or woman with another man or woman. Then it become a big issue of trust. A woman don’t want to see their man hugged up with someone else as a man would not want to see their woman with someone else. We get to assuming that you are having some type of affair with this individual. After all the accusations, you find out that its a relative or a family friend and the hug could actually be innocent. Either way, it seem like social media has a way of making couples suspicious over nothing. Sometimes what you see is something innocent. But you read people posting comments asking who this new person is and that can create an issue that was never there.

I personally don’t like when a date is all up on social media when you are trying to spend time together. It will start off innocent and you posting a pic of you and your significant other at a nice restaurant. Then it get to be too much when you are on social media still commenting on the pic you sent out for the world. It take the fun out of spending time together.

I think its not social media that rules relationships, its how people use it. It can be used to do some good to the community. I personally never post anything negative on my page. I want to use my social media to communicate with family, friends and uplifting others through my quotes and blog. I think its wise to have a talk with your partner about social media and what you both agree to share and not share. Just like you would have a conversation about your faith and goals in life, how you as a couple handle social media need to be discussed. Do you want to post thousands of pics or tweet every hour about you relationship? I think there has to be a healthy balance.

I see celebrity couples like R&B singer Monica Brown and Shannon Brown have a healthy relationship with social media. Monica keep it about her career, husband and children. I admire her as well as T.D Jakes daughter Sarah Jakes Roberts and her husband Toure Roberts. They are a Christian couple who have a church together, I see them using their platform to talk about God , Church and family, I think that it is beautiful. You see them as well as Monica go out and have date night with their spouse and you see them with also talk career and God. I look up to couples who know when to post pics of their relationship and when to post other things.

At the end of the day, make sure you and your partner discuss social media, These days its how we communicate to the world what is going on in our lives. Just be care not to overshare and make sure that everything that you post does more good than harm in your relationship. The only one who need to know your business is God! He will know how to keep you together while social media can break you up! Stay prayed up and let God know your business, not the world!

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