Your Ex is no longer your business

I wanted to talk about the case of the ex! I know I am not the only one who have stalked an ex page after a breakup. You want to see what is going on in his life. Did he move on to someone else? Is he really happy without you? what his family have to say about you after y’all broke up lol! I am guilty of it all! I had a friend who would stalk her ex page and inbox him asking about the new girl and how he should give them another try! She broke up with him! But we see that they no longer see us as irreplaceable and happily moved on. The funny part is even if we don’t want them back, it’s something that tick within us if we see that this person had the nerve to move on before you did! You start to feel yourself and think you are the cute one in the relationship! So you sure he will be single while you have moved on!

Not the case! Why do we even care what our ex is even doing??? The point of a breakup is to move on because this person may not be on the same path you are on or because something more serious happened, Either way, there is no way to move forward when we can’t let go of the past! God had a talk to me about this. I found myself looking at an ex page to see that he has moved on and was married with a child on the way. I remember God asking me why I was praying for my future husband when  was stuck on my past? How can God do a new thing in me and for me if I was looking in my past and not my future?

The point of this is to let my sisters on reserve for their future husband know that its not worth it to keep looking at the past. This person was not meant for you! This person was only there for a season to teach us a lesson. Whether he broke up with us or we broke up with him, the point is we learned something. We may have been the reason why things did not work out or it was him. Let God do a work in us and let’s allow our hearts to heal and keep our face to God. Whatever the mistakes we made, let’s make sure we don’t carry that into the next relationship. I want to share some steps I had to take in order for me to move forward and not let the past mess with my true destiny.

STEP 1: is to stop following him on social media! We know longer need to know how he is doing. Have you noticed that he has not reached out to you? He is not checking out your page. This person moved on and you need to do the same.

STEP 2: stop asking around to family or mutual friends, seeing if he is dating anyone! It’s no longer your business if he is still single or not! A break up is just that, a break up! so stop seeing if you can make up unless God tell you that this person will be back. I had that happened before I married my husband. We broke up for a couple of months.When we broke up, I knew we would be back together. We needed that time apart to see that we were met to be. We got married soon after we got back together. In those rare cases its ok to get back with an ex. But deep down us ladies know when something is truly over with no chance of getting back together! Stop trying to make that past your future!  God is trying to tell you something about that last relationship! Pay attention to those signs!

STEP 3: Pray! God will reveal if this person will come back better for you or if this person is not meant for you. You don’t have to be a bad person for things to end, Sometimes the breakup is with someone with a good heart but you both were not on agreement with your goals in life. That is what happened with my ex, A good guy but we just wanted different things. The point is to pray to God to mend your heart and seek Him and what He want for you. God know us inside and out! He know the plans for our life. The best way to get what God want for you is to pray and thank God for what he has done and what he will do for us in the future!

I pray that this has helped in some way to leave the past in the past. These steps has worked for me. I know longer stalk my ex page. I am in a happy space in my life and I am glad that he moved on and found his soul mate. I know God has someone special for me. So I keep moving forward towards my destiny without looking back!! Amen

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