Don’t rush your Modern Day Boaz

Ladies have you ever met this guy and you got that feeling in your spirit that he was the one? We see all the qualities and automatically think that because he has what we are looking for that he was sent from God. But is he what God sent to us? Sometimes a counterfeit will show up before the real thing come along? How do we know if he is a counterfeit?

I have to share this experience that I had before. I thought I found my Boaz .This guy said all the right things. He attended church every sunday, he read his Bible at work, wanted our kids to spend time together and get to know one another, and was willing to get to know me and not rush getting intimate.He told me that he did not mind waiting till he was married to get intimate with a woman. He also said he own his own home and worked at a banking institution. Well I thought I was finally getting what I was looking for. But this time I decided to slow down and pay attention to his actions. Because I have rushed in the past with guys I knew was not the one, I wanted to be more cautious. Well that’s when I started to see that nothing he said added up. Come to find out he was not honest in anything that he said. He only said what he thought I wanted to hear. I realized that I did all the talking first and then asked him about his faith and what he wanted out of life. He only said what would match what I wanted. God showed me that this guy was obviously not my Boaz and the he was a counterfeit.

I think the issue for us ladies and even gentleman is that we tend to believe what this person is telling us and not even pay attention to details in what he is really telling us. For instance, have you ever met a guy and he say he believe in God and wanted to do his will? But later down the line he says that he know that you are the one? Because he knew he would marry you that it was ok to make love? You think about it and decided that God wont be upset with you because you will end up married. So you give in to temptation and things are looking up! But then somewhere down the line things change and you end up breaking up. There goes you virginity or the end of your long run with celibacy. Now you are broken and alone. God is with you but at that moment you don’t feel like God is there. You let your guard down and then get your heart broken in the process.

Over the years I have learned that you cannot rush what is really meant for you. We may feel in our spirit that this person is the one but we have to be still and listen to God. Watch this person actions. Does it sincerely line up with God’s word? If this person decide to bend God’s rule to fit what he want, he may not be the Boaz that you are looking for. We have to learn patience and pay attention to actions and not sweet words. Cause men and even woman tend to say sweet nothings in your ear and want to say what they think will get them to fall for them, then in a blink of an eye, change on you real quick.

The point of this is to say don’t rush your modern day Boaz. Let patience have its perfect peace. Be still and make sure we are paying attention to someone intentions with you. Don’t be quick to claim anyone as heaven sent until you have witnessed how you are being treated and that this person will lead you more towards God and not away. That he or even she will follow what the Word says and not compromise to get what they want. No one is perfect. So don’t look for perfection but someone who has a heart after God’s. That person will be a leader and will be worthy of you calling him your Modern Day Boaz!!! Amen

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