Is there really such a thing as Right person, Wrong Timing?

When you are dating or even when you are not necessarily looking, have you ever came across someone that was perfect for you, but the timing was not right? Is there even such a thing as right person, wrong time? Have any of you future wives or even fellas been through something like this? I can say that I have been through it. I am torn at the same time if it was really meant to be.

I personally came across maybe one or two people that may have been great for me, but I was not quite ready to be in a relationship. It was more of my issues getting in the way and not really able to have to confidence to be in a relationship. I have been guilty of text stalking a guy and asking all types of insecure questions like ” why have you not texted me right away!” or ” do you really like me and only me?” It’s not best to start any relationship or even friendship with insecurities. I think it better to date when you have not taken the baggage of the last relationship into a new relationship. Because you will turn the other person off and he or she will not want to constantly be reminded of what the last person did to hurt you. But have you ever had chemistry with someone and then realize that it is them who is going through issues and emotionally not ready to be with you? I have for sure!

It’s tricky because we tell ourselves that if I would have met this person at another time, it would have been perfect. But was it really meant to be? Could circumstances really keep the right person away from you? I know that when God send you a mate, it will be divine intervention. Sometimes someone will come to your life broken and it could be you that can be a prayer warrior for him or her. I have seen that happen for some couples where they met their mates at their lowest and together they rose above the trials and it made them stronger. I have also seen some meet their mates when they were in the middle of doing the self work. That person came along and encouraged the self work and stuck around till the end. Then there are some who was in a great place in their lives and met their mates when it was perfect timing. So I sometimes wonder if its really about good man or good woman but wrong timing.

Have you even went through a season where you see that person that you thought got away with someone else! That feeling is the worst when you see that person that you saw potential in end up dating someone else or even married with kids!! smh lol. I had that happen twice! This person was great, but the timing was not good for me or for him. Then you see on social media or maybe bumped into them and see that they clearly moved on. You know how you prayed to God that this person will enter your life again and you will be ready this time around or he or she will be ready to give this relationship another try. But to your surprise that prayer was not answered. I think it was answered in a sense. God had that person appear to you so that you can stop praying for that particular person because he or she is no longer available.

I feel that God ultimately know what he is doing. If this person was meant for you, though timing may not be in your favor, God will make away for that person to enter into your life in another season. Or God may let that person meet you where you are and have that better half become that support that you need. So I no longer worry about when God will send me my husband or if I let a good one slip away. At the end of the day, the right one will come at the right time and he will be there till the end and death do us part! I let go of what I thought I want and will let God send me the right one at the right time in my life.

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