Glorifying God while Single

Hello Future Wives! I took the time to listen to God and meditate what I wanted to talk to my fellow future wives about. As you know, I mentioned in my last post about spending more time with God. I listen to gospel music and I just let God lead me to whatever topic He feel we need to discuss. Well God told me to talk about glorifying Him while we are single.

I believe that some of us spend so much time focusing on being single that we forget to pay attention to God in the process. As a Christian woman, we sometimes wonder why God has not sent us our husband yet? We think that because we love God that we should not have to wait long! We see family, friends, acquaintance and even those we don’t care for get boyfriends and get engaged and married! It’s like “Lord I love you and go to church!” Why am I still single? Well that’s easy. God is asking us why are we not showing Him love and being thankful for being alive to worship and praise Him.

God ultimately want us to be married and have a family. God honors family and those who keep His word. But while we are single, God want us to develop a strong relationship with Him. Focus on truly trusting God and being obedient to His word. To be patient and to be more grateful for what we do have opposed to what we don’t have.

Are we even ready for our husband yet? When we know who we are in Christ and let God do a work in us, to let Him prune us of our past hurts and hang ups is when He will present our husband to us. When you take that time to read the word or worship Him, God will show is things in ourselves that we need to work on or get better at. I can speak for myself and see that I need more time to be single and let God work in me more. I am slowly getting past things that has hurt me in the past. But I know I need more time with God and to get my career going. I have made some big improvements which I am very proud of.

I do wonder still when will my husband be ready for me. But I know that I need to be more in tune with God and focus more on my kids and doing the self work within. I want to be stronger in faith and more confident as a woman. I thank God for showing me what is important. That is why I said I am worth the wait! Once my husband see me, I want him to say that she is a woman who has spent time with the Lord and ready to be my bride! Not perfect but ready in the sight of God and my husband.

Take this single season as a blessing and not a burden. It is not the end of the world if we are still single. When you focus on strengthening your faith, your husband will appear when you was not even thinking about him. Stay in tuned with God and everything else will fall into place!

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