Make Time for God

Good morning Future wives! I want to make an confession! Yes I have to say that my God revealed to me that I was not giving Him enough of my time! Yes I admit that I will have God on my mind, but did not read the Bible as much as I should or pray as much. I even thought sending positive messages about God on my Instagram page was good enough! I know I am wrong for that lol, Well I would make excuses that I am busy with work, kids, homework, cooking and cleaning and countless reason why I was not giving Him time. But God had to put me in check! He told me that when I wake up early in the morning, I reach for my phone and post something before I even thank Him for waking me up! Truth right there! Or even when I am watching TV, on FaceBook,or when I can’t sleep at night. I could use those times to read a scripture or take that time to pray to God. I would say “Yes Lord, you are right” but do nothing more about it.

One day when I was overwhelmed with everything in my life is when God said pray! So I made up my mind to stop being lazy and stop making excuses. I read an article on one of my favorite websites “The Praying Woman”. This article was about how we can make time with God and read the word more. One of the advice I took was to download an app on my phone called “Prayers and Blessings”. I love that this app will pop out of no where with scriptures. I read them out loud and even share with my family. Another thing I do to make time for God is listen to worship music before and when I am writing my blog. I let God lead me to pick a topic to discuss or share. I never know what I will write about. But when I know I am going to write, I play gospel music and God will lead me to the topic. That’s AWESOME!!  I really bond with God when I am writing, I also pray as soon as I wake up and then grab my phone lol When you are driving and stuck in traffic, pray or read your bible on your phone. There is an app on your phone to download the Bible. Even when you catch the bus, at the bus stop, read the Bible. Play some gospel music sometimes instead of listening to your favorite secular artist. There are ways to give God more time.

I hope this help in some way to include God more in your lives. We can’t say we don’t have time to include God when in reality we do. Take time to give a prayer of thanks to God. It’s not true that a long prayer means that we are closer to God! Don’t let anyone tell you that. God hear the prayers of His children long or short. He look for the heart for Him and sincerity of our prayers. So start making time for God Future Wives! God will give us the desires of our hearts, but until then He would love our time and attention!

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