Letter to my Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

I want you to know that I have been praying for you before I even met you! God spoke to me daily about your arrival. God told me to get prepared for you to enter my life. I had to first spend my time loving God and loving myself. I had to prune myself of past hurts so that I won’t let you pay for the last man mistakes.

I had to learn that I am complete before you enter my life. God want me to focus on praising Him. I am  thankful that I have a father that love me unconditionally. God is always on time God. I focused on  what my purpose in life was. I listened to God’s calling and worked on the career that I been praying for. I worked on becoming debt free. To budget my finances. I want to enter our relationship learning to take care of my responsibilities as I know you are doing the same. I already claimed we are out of debt and our needs are meant in Jesus name.

I also learned that I must preserve my body for you. I am keeping my body a holy temple until you arrive. Not to say that I am pure but to say that I will from this day forward let no man touch me that is not my husband. I know you are preserving your body for me so that when we are married, we can celebrate our union satisfying to God’s eye.  I thank you for being a example of a righteous man.

I am ending this prayer with confidence that God has put us together for his divine purpose and together we will be lead by the will of God, To show other people out there that it is possible to wait on the Lord and be blessed with the marriage we have been praying for! I will be back to write to you and pray for you. Thank you for being a blessing in my life. Jesus name, AMEN!!!

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