How do I pray for my Future Husband?

I wanted to touch on this subject because we ladies pray for a husband but not for our husband. What? what is this lady talking about? lol trust me I would have those thoughts when I hear woman say we need to pray for our husband. I wondered how do you pray for our husband if we have not met him yet?

God gave me this revelation about praying for a husband. See God already have our husband picked out for us! He know who he is and where we will meet. But the first step is to stop repeating daily for God to send us a husband. First God want you to make sure we put Him first in our lives and not depending our existence on a man. God alone is enough. At the same time God know we live on earth and have earthly needs. To love someone in an loving way and one day become intimate. Once we understand that we don’t need a man but would love to have one is when we can began this prayer.

So now that we got that out the way, we focus on our husband. First rule is to thank God for our husband opposed to begging Him to send us one. Next is not to get too hung up on what he will look like! Yep I know that’s a hard one because we already got what he will look like in our head! He is about 6ft tall with a nice line up and can wear tims and as quickly put on a clean suit when he need to lol. Well that’s what I would like. But God may have this guy not be the best dresser or only wear tims and no suits. Who knows. That goes for income and what he does for a living. He may have the best career or you may meet him just when he is getting started. The point we have to be open minded to what God send our way. The package may not be wrapped up all pretty like we want but this person just may all the characteristics that we are looking for. But you may get it all or bits and pieces in your future husband.

I think it is important to thank God for your husband and also pray what you would like from your future husband, I personally want a man who first love God. That is very important because a man that love the Lord will know how to fully lead his family and pray when things are good or bad. A praying man who prays in every season of his life is sexy to me, even more than his looks. He has to love kids and his family, I am a single mother. A man that love kids and treat them with love, respect and with no harm done to them is a must! That is just some of the things I thank God my husband has in his heart.

The point is not to get caught up in the pretty package of our husband. This person just might not have all the things we want. He might have bits and pieces of the characteristics we are looking for. Nothing goes exactly the way we want but is always according to God’s divine purpose. Thank God for our husband. Thank God for who he is, the character of him and that we are attracted to him and that your union is a blessed one that can weather every storm together. Divorce is not an option!

I hope that this helps you in some way. The lesson is to pray and let God do his job in sending the right man into our lives. I will be back soon to discuss more topics on being a future wife! xoxo

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