Yes I am single, but im not a lonely soul

Dear singles,
     Do you get tired of people thinking because you are single, you are lonely, sad, depressed, longing and impatiently waiting for a man to come rescue you? I think there is a stigma with being single. People tend to tie singleness to not being complete.  Well that is far from the truth! Being single is the perfect time to spend time with God and ourselves.  We tend to put soo much focus on having a partner that we fail to see that maybe we are not the partner we need to be for someone else. We may have some unresolved issues that we are bringing to the relationship.  We have not spent enough time with God to see that he was giving us a sign that he or she is not the one for us. Spending quality time with God will lead us to see what we need to change and to have faith that waiting will be worth it.

God as a plan for us that far exceed what we can plan or think.  Being single is actually the best place to be. God want to mold us and get us to our best and higher self. What those who judge us dont know that we are actually preparing for God’s very best.  We are learning how to pray to God for our family, being grateful, content and happy with where we are in Life. Once our future spouse come, we will be prepared emotionally and physically  for whoever God has for us. So the next time someone say “aww you are still single!” Just tell them “No im not single, just preparing for my future spouse! ” Amen

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